Panama Gesha - Natural
Panama Gesha - Natural
Panama Gesha - Natural

Panama Gesha - Natural

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this is a high scoring (92.1) - fruity - floral - everything you want from a great Gesha

180g bags

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This gesha lot comes from the famed Hacienda La Esmeralda in Panama's Chiriqui region. It's a blend from the three farms under their care - Cañas Verdes, Jaramillo, and El Velo, and you should expect a mix of bean sizes, shapes and even some peaberries. But it is all 100% gesha! This is the dry process counterpart of the duo we purchased this year, promising a more fruited version of the floral favorite. For those not familiar with the story of Hacienda La Esmeralda, the now well-known gesha variety was not a consideration when Swiss-American banker Rudolph Peterson bought the farm back in the late 60's, as they did not know it existed. This was much more as a prospect of retirement than anything else. Fast-forward roughly 30 years later, and the Peterson's would enter a lot separation from the highest altitude plot at the farm that would capture the attention of the coffee world as being unlike any other coffee tasted in Latin America. This cultivar became known as "gesha". Gesha (often spelled, wishfully, as Geisha) is a cultivar with strong Ethiopian roots. It's rare that a coffee variety announces itself so clearly in the cup flavors as the gesha cultivar does. Extremely floral in the aromatics, with tropical fruit, light bodied and delicate on one hand, yet extremely flavorful and long-lasting on the palate. There is no other coffee quite like least not in Latin America. And other farms that have cultivated Gesha don't often attain the cup quality of the best. The Esmeralda Gesha makes blind cupping almost senseless, since I can identify its amazing fragrance, aroma and cup flavors immediately when I come upon it in a "blind" cupping! It is that dry fragrance that lets you know right away what is coming when the water hits the cup: incredible sweet floral, citrus blossom, sweet honey perfume atomized into the air. In terms of intensity, fruited and floral aspects, wet-processed Ethiopians and Kenyas are more in league with Gesha than any other Central American coffee.